When assigned to create a logo for an outdoor product company of my own creation, I kickstarted the project by brainstorming what I would want my new brand to represent and how to reflect those values graphically.
I eventually decided to base my company around the concept of using a fashion element to bring outdoor activities to a wider audience, naming the company Evolo Recreational, after the Latin word meaning "to fly away".  To realize my goal of advertising to a wide audience that wouldn't normally have an interest in outdoor products, I decided a very trendy, flat, iconic logo would be in order, and began to sketch.
My sketching process left me with a stylized, iconic image of a person riding a hang glider, making manifest the escapist imagery of "flying away".  My general theme and aesthetic accomplished, I moved the project from sketches to vectors.
Although the project was carried out in a relatively short timeframe, I spent a great deal of my time further refining and re-arranging the logo mark once it was in Illustrator.  A good deal of time was also put into getting the brand's logo type just right.
Just as I was closing in on the end of the project, I felt something still just didn't "work" with the icon of the person I had originally developed.  I ended up redesigning the person completely, keeping some of the traits that were working intact while aligning them to a much stricter grid with more features in common with their hang glider.
Finally, the logo mark was complete, with a black/white and full color version ready for presentation.  The presentation page displayed the marks in large and small forms, demonstrating its ability to communicate well at any scale.
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